If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


With the expertise in large varieties of AWS applications and cloud experience, FFT can offer flexible services and tools to build and deploy resilient cloud applications at scale. We help companies rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps best practices.


The solutions that allow us to build world-class UI/UX storefronts, listing, logistic & POS at any customer or business facing proposition relating to the selling of products and services can use and rely on.

iOS app

With the specialties in a wide range of mobile technologies, our in-house developers had fallen in love with the best-of-breed solutions which would put your desires and designs to come true.

Blockchain Solution

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic, business and global social transactions that can be designed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Here we tailor the solutions into the pictures of your organization.

Android app

With constant updates in the Android mobile technologies, our in-house developers specialized in blending the best solutions which would put your desires and designs to reality.

Custom Branding

The unique custom-made eCommerce platform could be transformed into one of your business brands. Your desired UI/UX and your blockchain experiences exceed the expectation of transitional eCommerce.


NXT Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer, it is created to support our eCommerce platform for the transaction to be instance supports real-time search and statistics.

Blockchain eCommerce Platform

We have created blockchain eCommerce platform that can serve global users on merchandise exchange services as well as loyalty program services.

World-class Customer Services

Our CS team trained to provide adequate blockchain platform services together equipped global experiences in servicing and building client relationships. Our members from wide industry spreads, such as telecom, finance, logistics, insurance, legal, textile, and banking.

Blockchain Meetup Space

We have equipped space with a capacity of 300 people for meetup and functions of blockchain enthusiasts.

Top-notch IT Consultancy Services

Our technical team specialized in blockchain, mobile/web application development, infrastructure design and IT system consultancy services.

Blockchain Accounting Advisory

Our team specialized in blockchain eCommerce operation as well as providing accounting advisory services.