Future Financial Technology (FFT), is one of the world leading blockchain eCommerce solution companies in Hong Kong. We offer fast and reliable eCommerce advisory services, blockchain based eCommerce products and professional eCommerce business services.


NXT Blockchain Explorer

A comprehensive and customised Blockchain Explorer monitoring each blockchain to reflect detailed information for each transaction and block information to assist in supporting eCommerce and any additional future products utilised by NXT.

Asset Reporting System

A master system that connected to database and extended to a more user friendly dashboard built for operational access . It’s features are to allow search by email, wallet address, user name or user ID. It also allows to view all types of transaction with date at a glance.

eComm solution

An eCommerce platform provides full customer care support and monitored by complete operational administrator functions to monitor refund, dispute, and resolving merchant and consumer queries. A platform that allows Merchant to list their products and services in a leading technology evolvement.


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